Monday, April 8, 2013

Bridgette's First Soccer Practice

On Saturday, Bridgette had her first soccer practice/game.  She is still in the age group where the practices and games are on the same day.  She is also in the age group where the boys and girls are on the same team.  We were not aware of that until we showed up on Saturday and Bridgette loudly exclaims "You told me there wouldn't be any boys on my team."  Oops!!  Bridgette was very upset and spent the first half of practice with her arms folded, frowning and half-heartedly doing the drills.

During one of the water breaks, I told Bridgette that she would get a Slurpee after the game if she scored a goal.  Suddenly, she was flying all over the field and trying her hardest to score a goal.  She came close a bunch of times.  And, one of her attempts was headed in, but another player came running and kicked the ball into the goal just a few feet away from the goal.  I decided that an assist (that would have been a goal) counted.  Honestly, I would have been happy to give her a Slurpee just for how hard she tried. 

The best part came afterwards when the team was gathered around to get their drinks.  One of the boys, who has played soccer for a few years and who scored most of the goals, says: "Mom - I thought I would be the fastest kid on the team, but Bridgette is faster than me."  I wish I had taken a picture of the smile on Bridgette's face.


annalisa said...

Go Bridgette! You rock! Will you run for me next time I see you? I want to see how fast you can run :)